Monday, May 4, 2009

My 18th birthday!


A Journey is about my life..My story.. My family.. My friends..

Everybody must be wondering why I created a blog, right? It was all thanks to Aqilah, my ex-roommate as well as my friend who encouraged me to do it.. So, everybody give an applause to Aqilah! HohOho~

Last Saturday on 2nd May, I celebrated my 18th Birthday. It was such a fine day to celebrate a special day. I made chocolate brownie for my birthday..YUMMY~~~ Everybody must be thinking that right? haha~ Unfortunately, it was disaster! My brownie was too oily..huhu(sedey) However, the taste still the same of a good old brownie..haha!

One of my best friend, Shafiqah came to my house that day just to give me a birthday present! How sweet of her! I love my friend~ haha Guess what! she gave me comics! I like it! She knew what I like and dislike..

My friends on the facebook wished me too.. hehe..Thanks guys~
My ex-classmate izzati and izzah send card through the internet.. How unique~ It was a new time experience for me..haha..

It was a great time.. So now, i'm officially 18..haha.. I can do what I want right now~

''Life must go forward, but must understand backward"
-guess who said it?

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