Saturday, September 19, 2009

CHEESE lover <3 <3 <3

lately ni sejak duk kat rumah, i've been eating lots n lots of cheese!!! cannot stop it!! it's my guilty pleasure, sorry!!

-tiap2 kali kuar pi bakery, bli roti- tuna pizza(topping die cheese, byk gle!)

-i luv NACHOS!!! what's on top of it??? CHEESE of coz!! lots of cheese~ yummy! org yg x pnah cuba, try it. it's delicious!

-anyone know HOT n ROLL? i totally love that shop.. kalo nak order, i always order chic n cheese, x kisah r kulit die crispy or prata, but i prefer crispy one much better~

-kalo pi mcDonald, mesti r cheeseburger!

-i luv lasagna too, why? sebab rasa cheese yg pekat ngan tomato.. nice combination!

-kalo ak masak spagetti, mesti ade CHEESE!! like i said, tomato n cheese taste great~

-just buy cheesedale today, eat it with plain bread, but still cannot stop my addiction XD

i just want to confess, I LOVE TO EAT CHEESE!!!

owh,lupe nak cakap, i don't like cheese cake- the only cheese i don't like =)

by da way, SELAMAT HARI RAYA dan MAAF ZAHIR BATIN, kalo ak ade buat salah kat sape2 n sepanjang tulis blog ni ade org terasa ke, please forgive me.

"humans are not perfect, they do make mistakes,

and when they do,
forgive them,
cause everyone deserves a second chance."


A. Passuello said...

wey aiffa.hehe.i dont like cheese,sgt susu okay.except for cheese cake, okay.and nachos too.ya allah,best nyeeee.

Q said...

hot n roll!!
lameee glr kot x mknnnnn

shikin said...

aiffa selamat hari raya aidilfitri. maaf zahir batin =)

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