Sunday, August 7, 2011


How to preserve and conserve Malaysia's environment =)

I'm a MALAYSIAN.. I was born in PENANG..

To protect the exotic environment of Malaysia,

1. we must have the SPIRIT!!
(spirit dance =P)

2. I can't do this alone, we must do it together for it to be a success :)

3. We have the spirit and teamwork. Now, it is the PLAN.. hihihi

--- please throw the rubbish at the proper place- dustbin /garbage can,
 not on the road, river, field or any places except the garbage can!

--- not just any garbage can, you have to categorize your rubbish.
     this is call RECYCLE~

4. Lastly, keep up your good work!

"MALAYSIA is SO SO SO beautiful and amazing :)"

p/s: sorry late ASILAH~ <3

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miss asilah said...

heheh terbaik lah aiffa :D

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